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Privacy Policy stands for the protection of your privacy to keep your trust on.

We have a strong commitment to provide our users the best experience on that must be secure and save; and protect the rights of privacy of users. Our privacy policy defines clearly about what information is required to use this website and what are our priorities to provide you protection. Privacy policy is designed for all the users giving them suggestions to follow for a secure connection.

It is necessary to agree with our privacy policy to get access to this website and to use it. In case of non compliance you may not use the website.

Information We Need needs personal information of the user. Any information that is essential to identify a user of the website is the personal information and it includes; name of a person, the first and the last name, email id and the home address. It may also include any other contact information of the individual. However the public pages of are accessible to all the visitors and users without requiring any kind of personal information. Users can enjoy visiting website’s open pages as they don’t have to reveal themselves for that.

Browser type and IP address of the user are collected while visiting and this information is vital and collected for all the users and visitors of this site. Furthermore, cookies are also collected and stored. Cookies are the packets of data on your computer that stores your data including personal information, passwords and browser information. Cookies help to identify users and make it easy for them to log in to the website again. requires session ID cookies to identify and confirm the users. Cookies automatically stop when the user closes the browser. This website does not need constant cookies to save the login information like some of the third party toolbars does.

The online registration form of can only be completed with the provision of your information including name, email address, gender, date of birth, location and some other details; might be optional; about the user. Users can edit, modify or update any of the detail or information anytime by simply going to their profile. Users profile is always accessible to the user. Make sure that you provide all the required information as the employers contact you for the interviews by reading your details. has the right to use personal information about the users to analyze the site performance, its usage and visitors. It is for the company only to improve the performance of the website and to customize the layout and the content.

While registration on the website you have to agree that the information and data you provide may be accessible to the employers, data or information also includes personal information and sensitive data. Employers having access can be from Pakistan or outside Pakistan.

Access to the Information

It is declared that the company does not sell anything; including your personal information to any third party. Yet in case of any inquiry from all law enforcements would cooperate.

The company has the right to provide any kind of information available about the users if asked by law enforcement companies. In case of legal proceedings, court order or judicial proceedings this disclosure of information is company’s right to protect its reputation and to act in accordance with the orders.

It is notified that the users may not give personal information as email address and contact numbers in the sections of profile summary and professional experience as these are accessible to all the users who visit publicly and the employers reach to the users through this while searching appropriate candidate for the vacancies.

Users are prohibited to use others information for any commercial purpose, to threaten, harass or humiliate anyone. Company has all the rights to terminate user’s account that violates the privacy policy and terms of the website or misuse information of others for negative purposes.

Deactivation or Inactivity of Account

Users may deactivate their account when and as longer as they want. Website provides this facility for an unlimited time period.

Children and Minors

 Anyone can use the website that is above 18 years of age. Children and minors under the age of 18 years are not encouraged to upload their information on the website.

Security of Password

Users are asked to keep their passwords confidential and not to reveal them to anyone as they may access to your personal information. You are secure if you do not disclose your password. If your password is compromised due to any reason you must immediately change the password and report to

Notice, Changes

Company has the right to amend, modify, change or update the privacy policy of the anytime. Any kind of modification or alteration will be updated on the website or may b notified to the users by email or notification on home page.

Changes may be updated on the homepage, privacy policy or terms of services to guide the users about our methods and requirements that what we need, how we use information and what are the conditions of disclosure of information.